So you find out that you’re pregnant and immediately find yourself searching for the ‘best recommended’ this and that. It’s only natural that mums-to-be start to nest almost immediately, thinking about baby clothes, nursery interiors, the perfect pram, the list goes one.

I would say though that choosing the perfect pram, car seat and cot or moses basket are some of the biggest decisions to make – at least they were for me before Hugo was born – and quickly catapulted me into the new area of motherhood responsibility. Being pregnant second time around with Remy, I needed a lot of these items again as I’d given a few things away, passed them onto family, or just had enough use out of them and needed an upgrade. Things were more difficult to prepare with Remy; usually it’s easier for Baby No.2 as you’re a bit more experienced but due to moving house just before Christmas and then having lots to do in our new place, we were very much behind schedule and everything arrived pretty late on in my pregnancy. In fact, the crib was delivered the day before I gave birth – eek.

I vividly remember the day the pram arrived though and excitedly pulling everything out of the boxes and there were A LOT of boxes all with different parts in…. ‘Surely this isn’t all for one pram?’ I thought.

What goes where and which way will I need the pram? Will Hugo want to sit in it or what about when I’m just out with Remy? So many questions!

I needn’t have worried though… Joolz include some pretty detailed instructions and let me just say; if I can work it out so can you! There’s also some YouTube tutorial videos for extra assistance. Over the course of an evening when Ayman was out, I single-mindedly managed to get my head around everything and the different combinations of seats etc. I had that feeling of accomplishment once everything was together and off I went walking up and down our hallway pushing an empty pram and picturing our little baby looking back at me.

Fast forward a few months I don’t have to envision anymore as there he is. My gorgeous baby boy, who is all smiles and coos at the moment being two months old. Seeing him so snug and happy in the carry cot fills me with joy knowing that I made the right decision by going with the Joolz Geo. As I knew he was going to be a big boy like his brother – and his daddy – it was important I choose a nice spacious pram to house those long legs and chunky thighs.

So here are a few snaps of our Joolz Geo being caught in action at one of our favourite spots in the North West… the beautiful Lytham St Annes and its iconic windmill. We often walk around here as it’s the perfect spot for Hugo to take his bike or scooter and for us all to enjoy lots of windy fresh air which is always followed by a hot cup of coffee or in the summer months a yummy ice-cream.

All of these pics and the short video I put together are from this area but on different days so you get to see little Remy as a newborn and also just short of being eight weeks old. The difference in those weeks is so crazy. Why do babies have to grow so fast???

Music ‘Woodland‘ by The Paper Kites 

These were taken last weekend and are some of my fave photos yet…

Can you spot little Hugo in background…

One of the best features I love about this travel system is how easy it is to transfer the car seat to the pram and vice versa. The Isofix is fabulous! I bet you’re thinking, how can someone get excited about a pram?! Well, I think we all love things that make life easier 🙂

It’s not much to look at but honestly these things are an absolute Godsend. No more having to strap the belt around a car seat and unraveling it every time you want to move it. You literally just lift the car seat and slot it in until it catches on the base and the pull lever easily lets you lift the car seat out. This means I can smoothly transition Remy from the car to the pram whilst he’s asleep without him even knowing it. I remember the previous one I had with Hugo I had to really jiggle it and tug it which would often disturb him. The biggest icing on the cake is that it’s safer too… there’s peace of mind in knowing that the car seat is sturdy and properly set up and not having to worry about strapping in and whether it’s been done 100% correctly.

Just so you know, the pram works as an entire travel system and you need the Joolz BeSafe iZi Modular i-size base which is the Isofix base – mine’s from Pramworld. I made the mistake of trying a different branded Isofix at first because I didn’t realise they were all different depending on the brand – just something to be aware of.

I also have to add that this Joolz pram is such a classic and stylish pram, easy to use and beautiful to look at and I adore this Parrot Blue colour for my boys. I’ve had so many compliments whilst I’ve been out and about using it and most importantly my little family and I all love it too. As the handle bar extends quite far out it’s a great height for Ayman to use comfortably too as he’s 6ft 4. Hugo’s favourite bit is the buggy board (obviously) haha that’s why I haven’t really had to use it as a duo yet but I know that time will come. You can see the other combinations of how you can use the pram HERE although it doesn’t show how you can have a carry cot at the bottom and a toddler seat facing out at the top which is how I’ll probably use it when pushing both of them.

I hope this has been a help to anyone looking at prams at the moment and provided some useful info. If you have any questions then please let me know. You can find a lot more info about the tech specs etc on their website here.


Have a great week!




This post was in collaboration with Joolz who kindly gifted me this beautiful pram. As ever, all thoughts and opinions are my own. I only blog about brands, products and services that I truly connect with, would genuinely use, and would legitimately recommend to others.