Stokke Sleepi Mini

I’m now 32 weeks pregnant, which is scary and so exciting all rolled into one. I have a countdown of 8 weeks to go until our little wriggly beauty arrives, we’re having a surprise too which is making me far too excited! I feel like it could be a boy but I could be totally wrong, whatever it is it’s getting very strong and my belly is moving into all kinds of shapes, I often just sit there watching it in fascination.

So as my life changes, I feel like my blog will organically change a little too as I want to keep it true and authentic to where my interests lie and what’s currently going on for me right now. At this present moment I am planning the nursery which has to be the most fun part. I’m on the hunt for the perfect canopy cot bed, you can see the styles I like from the pictures above mostly taken from Pinterest.

Please can you help me with this journey and let me know of any websites and designers you recommend?
Thanks so much for taking the time to read!
Lots of love
Sally & 32 week bump