• Ripped jeans & Oversized jumper

    It was a last minute decision… my friend was about to turn up before heading out to take some snaps. I had a knife in one hand and an old pair of jeans in the other and, without really taking the time to think, tore through the denim. I analysed this slap-dash handy work and […]


  • Sunny florals

    This week I ventured to the beach as it was such a beautiful day – a rare occurrence on my designated days off so I wasn’t going to miss this opportunity for a bit of sun, sea and sand. In keeping with the summer vibe, I wore a floral slip dress which is another lovely […]


  • Kimono Dress

    It’s time to reveal that I have a little miracle growing inside of me! Despite me not quite feeling myself over the past three months, it really is such an amazing feeling to know I do actually have a little baby in there. With my sicky phase drawing itself to a close now (fingers crossed), I’m looking […]