• Green Embellishment

    I’m definitely struggling a little now in my normal day to day clothes as my hips have grown wider apart and my belly is also expanding in all dimensions too. I literally can’t wait until I look properly pregnant where people aren’t looking at me slightly weird thinking that I’ve put on a few pounds… […]


  • Ripped jeans & Oversized jumper

    It was a last minute decision… my friend was about to turn up before heading out to take some snaps. I had a knife in one hand and an old pair of jeans in the other and, without really taking the time to think, tore through the denim. I analysed this slap-dash handy work and […]


  • Footprints in the Sand

    I’ve been so excited to finally put these pics up on my blog from when I collaborated with the fabulous Christina Davies from Fish2Photography about a month ago. She’s recently started expanding her skillset into the fashion world & I was honoured to help her in whatever way I can on that journey. I hope […]