First of all happy 2014, I hope you all celebrated in style to bring in the New Year, I ended up going to a Turkish restaurant & danced with belly dancers all night!
Second of all, something you need to know about me is I’m an avid Boxing Day sale shopper at Zara to get first dibs on all my fave pieces and cut-price goodies. I also have to work on Boxing Day so it means sale shopping in the hour spare before I start work is a military operation but I absolutely love it!
So this post is featuring a couple of my fave purchases I made being this beautifully cut camel coat featured with these black fur boots. The boots especially were definitely an impulse buy but definitely my best as they are so comfortable and I literally haven’t stopped wearing them! I thought I’d risk teaming them with these werewolf gloves that I received as a gift for Christmas… thought it was time to let my inner animal out!

What were your fave purchases over Christmas?

Coat: Zara // Dress: H&M // Gloves: +River Island // Boots: Zara // Jewels: +ASOS Marketplace H&M Pandora