In a world where it feels there is so much sadness and division at present, I sometimes almost feel guilty for plowing on regardless but it’s still important for us to find happiness in our own everyday moments isn’t it? For our children’s sake let alone ours. Both on a personal level and on a global level I feel like this year so far has been a bit of an emotional rollercoaster. Whenever there’s children on the news caught up in conflict whether at home or abroad, my eyes weep with sadness immediately as I compare their circumstance to Hugo’s and how we’re just plain lucky. Lucky to live where we live and lucky to have the blessings and futures bestowed upon us. My biggest coping mechanism is to pray about every situation that touches my heart and do what little things I can do from afar… or close by when it comes to the likes of my sister and her heart condition for instance.

This morning Hugo woke up at 5.50am so I brought him into our bed so he could rest in-between Ayman and I. I whispered to him ‘I love you’ and he replied for the the first time with ‘how much?’. My eyes filled immediately and I thought how do I describe in words just how much I love him as he’s looking at me. I replied with ‘lots and lots and much and much’ I was so unprepared for the question but I know he likes the answer ‘much and much’ because that’s what he says when I ask him! Thinking about it now though, I would probably say something like ‘to the moon and beyond’ or ‘forever and ever and ever’… I want to create our own little reply to each other so I’ll let you know once I perfect it :).

The pictures from this post are from an afternoon at Formby Point which is about 45 minutes from where I live. There’s something about it that soothes the soul, blows the cobwebs away and makes you feel revitalised with fresh air. We popped our Joules wellies on, I chose the Breton striped ones and of course Hugo has monkey ones haha and then walked hand-in-hand into the sea, we stood there for a few minutes watching the waves lap over our feet and looking out as far as the eye could see. This world is so vast and it often pops into my mind how we all live in our own little bubble not really knowing what the person next to us is going through. We twirled around which instantly shakes any grumpiness from Hugo, played in the sand and took a few little videos to capture these little moments of our day.

To watch our little vlog click the picture below

Music ‘On That Day’ by Ásgeir

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You can click HERE to view Joules’ collection of wellies for women and HERE for their children’s collection. They’ve just brought out their new collection too which has the most gorgeous autumnal / winter colours, I’m all about the burgundy and the silver.


Hope you’ve all had a lovely week and thanks for stopping by!

Love Sally