Usually ‘Babymoons’ are for getaways for you and your partner before the baby arrives but on this occasion I shared this super lovely treat with one of my all-time favourite gals Lauren, aka Hunters & Heels.

I don’t think we both realised just how much like book-ends we are until this little break away, from huge similarities growing up, to education, work ethics and even our last births of Hugo and Ollie. Right through to present day pregnancy cravings being almost exactly the same… for example, salt and vinegar Squares, cheese and tomato sandwiches and our chosen attire to wear throughout our pregnancy. You may as well call us pregnancy twins with only two weeks separating our due dates for our beautiful baby boys.

As you can imagine from the get go, we talked and talked about every area of life but what was so nice was to have time to reflect on our new spring babies about to arrive as we both felt that these poor babes hadn’t really been given the same time of day our first children received – it was somewhat reassuring to hear that I wasn’t the only one who had found this pregnancy to be different in this way. I know so many mums have felt the same about this with their second child so I’m not getting too hung up on it as I guess he doesn’t know any different and he’ll have the love of an older brother that Hugo didn’t have, all swings and roundabouts hey. I guess prior experiences help us to be more functional and logistical.

So, the location…

From the North West of England to the stunning southern coast with a total of seven hours journeying, we arrived at one of the most beautiful locations I’ve seen in the UK… Mawgan Porth Beach located in Newquay, Cornwall where the Scarlet Hotel is based.

As soon as I stepped foot in this tranquil space I knew instantly that a day’s travel was definitely worth it. It had the kind of calmness and serenity that I imagine an Ashram to have. People wandering around in robes and slippers, some quietly sitting gazing out into the far distance whilst others seem to be stuck into a good book or just cosying up to their loved ones. It seemed like we had discovered a little slice of heaven.

The reception area didn’t actually have a main desk, it’s as if by magic that someone just appears when you make yourself comfy in the area. The staff all dress in a relaxed way which I actually loved as it added to the calm and warm ambience of the place. This is reflected in our bedrooms too as they don’t put any drink facilities in them, instead at the drop of a call you can order whatever drink you like; tea, coffee, fresh fruit juice and it will arrive at your door at any time of day or night! As you can imagine this was taken full advantage of in the morning as we ordered two lattes and teas to set us up for the day ahead 🙂

The hotel is so idyllic with so many gorgeous spaces where you can just visualise yourself sitting back and relaxing, spa facilities, drink/eating areas, outdoor tranquil spots and so many other rooms of paradise too.

This is the natural outdoor pool which is reed filtered; absolutely stunning but there was no chance both Lauren and I were going to dunk ourselves in it haha. The weather was so cold when we visited in February so we stuck to the hot tubs on the cliff tops instead which were cooled down slightly for us and our bumps.

The Cloister Garden

We were at The Scarlet Hotel for two days (two half days and one full day) and on our full day we had the time to truly focus on ourselves and our growing baby which was quite simply one of the most beautiful days I’ve ever had.

Starting with a private yoga session for Lauren and I, our yoga instructor Hannah really helped us to forget everything going on around us and focus on this incredible being that was living inside of us and soon to be in our arms. It was the first time in this pregnancy that I put every other thought, stress and worry aside and focused solely on my baby, it felt like I connected with the baby’s soul in a way and before I knew it tears were rolling down my cheeks. Happy tears. I felt like a weight had lifted from my shoulders where I was able to unite with this perfect little soul in amongst my crazy busy life and feel the deep love between us.

It felt like such a safe environment where I was able to openly express how I felt and I’m so grateful for that time where I was able to just ‘be’ and connect with my baby boy.

After the yoga session as part of the ‘Babymoon package‘ we were taken on a FOUR hour pregnancy journey which was sheer and utter relaxation!

After my initial consultation with my therapist to find out exactly what my needs were, the hands-on therapy started where I was given a gentle full body scrub and a guided meditation to help deepen the relaxation of my whole body and mind.

The journey continued into the Light Relaxation Room with some fresh fruit and herbal tea before we finished with a delicious facial and an all body massage including the head!

To help everything soak in before you step into normality again you’re free to spend as long as you like in the Deep Relaxation Room, where you feel cacooned in your own little tranquil pod.

This whole pregnancy journey was the very definition of relaxation and was everything I needed for my body and soul.

Feeling silky soft and super relaxed there was no way Lauren and I wanted to wash off all these amazing organic Pai products and so we ordered room service for dinner.

We actually enjoyed room service every morning for breakfast too and the hotel staff were always so accommodating, even setting up a table and chairs in the room so we could enjoy the food at our own leisure.

The food was exquisite… every dish I chose was cooked to perfection and was so tasty. Having coeliac disease I’m not used to being able to have so much delicious food to choose from – especially at breakfast time – but here it was a true delight with all my dietary needs catered for… I felt so spoilt.

The spa facilities were stunning and so picturesque although I didn’t feel too picturesque in my swimsuit at 36 weeks pregnant haha. Nonetheless the cliff top hot tub was probably one my favourite memories that I took away with me, being so warm in the water and feeling the cold sea breeze on my face was so lovely, not to mention the incredible and stunning views!!

Lastly I just want to say a HUGE thank you to The Scarlet Hotel for offering such a fabulous babymoon. The staff were so attentive and genuinely felt like they were interested in me and my baby. It was the perfect little escape and I can only imagine how it is even more stunning when the sun shines on it and to take a dip in the outdoor pool in the warmer summer months :).

If you’re looking for the perfect little getaway for you and your partner or friend then you should definitely take The Scarlet Hotel into serious consideration – a little piece of tranquil paradise! (Please find their website HERE).

Thank you to Lauren too for being such great company and such a fabulous support and soul sister – I love you girl!

Now it’s time to focus on the next stage in our lives… being mamas to two gorgeous boys!

Lots of love



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This complimentary stay was in collaboration with The Scarlet Hotel, all thoughts and opinions are always my own 🙂