Bump ready, bag ready…. it’s finally time to meet your gorgeous BABY!

I can’t believe I haven’t shared this kind of blog post with you already but on the plus side, I can share with you a tried and tested list of items that I definitely used in my hospital bag with both Hugo and Remy.

Packing your hospital bag is one of those moments that make it all seem really real. That anticipation of ‘soon there’s going to be another little person in this home of ours’ and that calm yet crazy feeling of ‘right… we’re ready for you, little one’.

I just wanted to briefly mention that both my hospital stays after having my babies have been quite different. I was in hospital for five days with Hugo and so I actually needed Ayman to bring more things for both Hugo and I. However with Remy we were in and out of the hospital in a day so I actually didn’t use a lot of things I had packed.

It’s always best to be over-prepared though I would say, so if you’re at this stage and wondering what to pack then I hope this helps.

Please do watch my video as well as I’ve explained in a little more detail why I’ve packed each of the items if they’re not already self-explanatory 🙂

So here’s my recommended
‘What to pack in your hospital bag checklist’

For the mama

Whilst in labour:

  • Drink with straw – so you can drink in whatever position you happen to be in (I was often on all fours haha)
  • Phone, phone charger, camera
  • Contraction app – really helps take your mind off the pain and gives you something to focus on
  • Music playlist / hypnobirthing playlist
  • Energising nibbles and snacks – I took jelly babies, chocolate, bananas and oat bars. Lucozade tablets are a good idea too!
  • Bikini top (optional) – this is great for the birthing pool if you want to be a little more covered up
  • Lip balm – especially if you use gas and air you will definitely need this
  • Oils for massage – really helps ease the pain and helps you to keep relaxed
  • Bobbles / clips
  • Cosy socks if not in birthing pool – your feet can get surprisingly cold in labour
  • If you want to be covered in labour maybe a night dress or something like it so midwives can easily examine you still
  • Red book / maternity notes
  • Headphones / speakers – I didn’t use headphones/earphones myself but I know some people do. We did use a bluetooth speaker though just to amplify my hypnobirthing playlist from my phone.

Post-labour (you’ll use some of the items above too)

  • Nightdresses or PJs if you prefer x2
  • Thin dressing gown for your own comfort
  • BIG black knickers or disposable knickers – the bigger the better! I bought super cheap ones from my local supermarket. Pack about 5 pairs.
  • Maternity pads – again go big with these especially for the first couple of weeks after the birth. Take a whole pack with you.
  • Slippers / flip slops
  • Nursing bras – I found some lovely ones from M&S and Freya.
  • Breast pads – I used the Lansinoh ones and the bamboo washable ones from Mama Designs 
  • Essential skin care products – it’s nice to feel nice isn’t it? And remember you’ll be looking back at pictures from this time for the rest of your life 🙂
  • Pain relief (paracetamol… I took my own but you can obviously ask a nurse for it too)
  • Toothbrush / toothpaste
  • Hair care items
  • Lavender for your bath after – really helps with healing and soothing, I recommend a bath in the morning and evening for two weeks, this did wonders for my recovery 🙂
  • Arnica tablets to help with healing
  • Comfy clothes and ones you can easily feed in if breastfeeding
  • Outfit for journey home – pick something you feel comfy and nice in as it’s such a special occasion the first time you travel home with your baby.
  • Hand cream
  • Compact mirror – for ease of doing make-up from your bed
  • Nipple cream – after a few days of breastfeeding you can get very sore and cracked nipples so it really helps using a cream to aid healing and comfort. This one from the Clary Collection is perfectly safe for babies and Lansinoh Cream is brilliant too.

For my hospital bag I used the Jasper – Chestnut changing bag that was gifted to me from Pacapod.

As it’s quite a roomy changing bag it was big enough to pack all my items in for the hospital but I now use this as a regular changing bag for my children.

One of my favourite features of this changing bag is the hidden pod bags inside which are great for clipping onto your pram instead of taking your whole changing bag if you’re just nipping out. It’s a changing bag that looks like a designer handbag and offers ample room if you have more than one child too.

Their changing bags start from £45 and all gorgeous in design and style!

Here’s how I styled wearing the Jasper bag after-birth.

For baby


  • Baby hat for as soon as they’re born
  • Baby vests (recommend about four / five)
  • Babygrows (preferably with scratch mittens and feet covers attached) (recommend about four)
  • Outfit for baby going home – something comfy and warm for them
  • Nappies
  • Waterwipes / cotton wool
  • Nappy bags
  • Muslins / swaddle
  • Changing mat
  • Vaseline – can use on baby’s bottom if you feel you need to use something
  • Socks
  • Scratch mittens (if not part of the babygrow)
  • Hat for the journey home
  • Dummy / pacifier if you want to use one
  • Bottles, formula milk / express machine in-case (I didn’t pack these though but I know it’s good to be prepared incase one way of feeding doesn’t work)
  • Cellular blanket – this is especially great for the car journey home
  • CAR SEAT – you can’t leave the hospital without this!

For my baby hospital bag I used the Josefina backpack in brown, this was kindly gifted to me as well from Josefina.

Due to not needing as much room for the baby items, this was a great size to pack all the items we needed and to keep everything organised in their separate sections. Thinking ahead for being a mama of two, I chose the backpack style so I can wear it and have both hands free which is great for when I’m out and about with both Hugo and Remy. You can wear it as a normal handbag too, so perfect for when I’m on my own child-free.

Josefina also offer a personalisation service which make their bags extra special and are all handcrafted with the finest leather from Spain – such beautiful bags that will last forever.

Here’s how I styled wearing the Josefina post-birth.


For your birthing partner:

  • Snacks, food and drinks for themselves
  • iPad for entertainment so load on there things to help pass the time like movies, boxsets etc
  • Phone and camera to hand
  • Lots of love, positivity, encouragement and be ready to give the best massage of your life for however long it takes haha.

Other items that I didn’t take that I’ve seen on other lists are things like:

  • Water spray to help cool you down
  • Pillow for your own comfort
  • Bouncing ball although most hospitals provide these
  • Hot water bottle – I used this at home to help with my back pains

Another thing to be mindful of is the size of your baby, I’ve had two big boys 9lb 15oz and 9lb 6oz so they went straight into size 0-3 months clothes. If you’re not sure of the rough sizing of your baby then it’s a good idea to take a mixture of sizes just in case.

This is honestly such an exciting time for you, remember to be as open-minded as possible as not everything always goes to (birth)plan but the most important thing is that you and baby are safe at the end, no matter how he or she arrives! Trust yourself mama! You are amazing and you can absolutely do this.

Sending much love to you and all the strength, perseverance and willpower you need!

Love Sally


*Thank you to PacaPod and Josefina for kindly gifting me these gorgeous changing bags – they’re my favourites!