img_6256 img_6263 There’s no denying it and no getting away from it but these little lines under and around my eyes seem to want to make friends all too much and all too quickly. Over the last two years in particular aka HUGO it feels like it’s grown to be a little army of friendly wrinkles under there only to recruit more members along the way. But ALAS, we have anti wrinkle cream! I remember at uni when I was in my early twenties, one of my friends said that she already used anti-wrinkle cream every night because you’re supposed to use it before you actually get them… prevention being better than the cure, and all that. It wasn’t long after that I started to use an array of cheap and cheerful different creams every night before my head touched the pillow in hope that these so-called lines would never appear. After two years of motherhood I’ve decided now is the time to try and take further action and invest in a good eye cream that helps make these tired eyes feel rejuvenated, fresh and if possible… younger? Is this actually possible though?!

Let me introduce you to L’Occitane Divine Cream…   img_6250 img_6248

I was absolutely thrilled when L’Occitane contacted me to see if I wanted to collaborate and to pick one of their amazing luxurious items because I’ve been a fan of their gorgeous products for some time. I didn’t really need to look through their beautiful website though as I already had in mind exactly what I would have loved. Although of course I could have picked everything! For Mother’s Day this year Ayman bought me this very same cream after lots of not-so-subtle hints. The  story behind wanting this specific L’Occitane cream is because a few years ago I was sat next to a lovely lady at a wedding of a mutual friend and she was in her late forties and looked incredible. Her skin in particular looked amazing, glowed in-fact and I wanted to know her secret. She let me in and said she used L’Occitane divine cream. Since then it stayed in my mind and I knew that I had to try it for myself one day when I could push the boat out a little and try it to see if it worked it’s magic on me too. For some, I know £74 is nothing but to me it’s a pretty extravagant amount of money to spend on a tub of cream and I have to trust that something is really worth spending that hard earned money on. This cream doesn’t magically take all your wrinkles away but what cream does? Even surgical enhancements – such as botox – don’t remove wrinkles; they merely soften them. It’s a process as with anything. Little by little with a tiny blob which is all you need, your tub goes a very long way and leaves your skin feeling fresher, younger and more vibrant. This will be my second tub and I know it won’t be the last one I buy in the future too. I can honestly say that the skin around my eyes feels a lot less wrinkly because of how moisturised and nourished it feels even after a night of disturbed sleep.


I generally use a tiny blob of cream around my eyes, forehead and neck as I know these are the areas that are more likely to wrinkle quicker. I read once in one of Victoria Beckham’s books that you’re supposed to start from the bottom of the neck upwards to help the blood flow to the face. Also when applying cream to around the eyes to dab it rather than rubbing it in so-to-speak. I’m no beauty guru but these are just little tips I’ve picked up along the way so thought I’d share 🙂 . To read more about all the awards and the benefits of this cream then please read here.

img_6255img_6270 Hugo trying his hand at repairing the damage he’s done haha.

img_6269 Every little wrinkle is 100% worth it for this little man though!

img_6275img_6268 Hello bump at 17 weeks…

img_6281img_6298img_6304 Although this post was sponsored by L’Occitane, it’s important to emphasise that this is a product I have bought in the past and will continue buying. All the words that I’ve written and the experience that I’ve had so far with this particular product are true and authentic to me. I would never agree to endorsing an item or brand that I didn’t genuinely believe in or love, I just felt like I wanted to share that with you and that’s why I wanted to share this little pot of miracles with you because I genuinely love it! If you ever feel like you want to ask me anything at all then feel free to leave a message or email me and I’ll definitely get back to you.

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