Welcome! Thank you so much for stopping by and wanting to find out a little more about me, I feel so honoured to have you here and have this heart-to-heart with you!

Sit back, relax and lets begin…

I’ll start with the present of where I’m at right now. I’m a yoga teacher, dance teacher, somatic movement practitioner, shake your soul teacher and currently on a journey of living a love-based life, spiritual awakening, self realisation and living every area of my life aligned with what I feel called to do… to help transform women’s lives, so that they fall so madly deeply in love with their whole Self (body, mind and spirit) that everything else just falls into place with abundance!

I truly believe that living life to the full always starts by taking our focus and attention inwards, connecting to the higher divinity within ourselves, whether that be your Soul, God, Source, Spirit, Universe or another name and allowing the space to love ourselves from the inside out. To heal, nurture and express whatever arises, holding and fully embracing it with love and allowing it to transform into something beautiful and positive. When we have that kind of alignment we can step into the strength, power and faith to break free and take flight to reach new heights and freedom as we become fully embodied with who we are all destined to be.

I’ve journeyed through a destructive eating disorder which I had for many years in my late teens and early 20s and it was through all the work I am now trained in that enabled me to experience deep healing and transformation to the core of me. I found freedom from the chains I had wrapped around myself and birthed a new understanding of who I really am from the inside out and it was a beautiful realisation with many heartfelt tears. I will share more about my whole testimony soon but I want to bring you up to speed with the present.

I’m currently working towards being a fully qualified EFT Practitioner which will be another amazing tool I can offer and use especially in the 1-2-1 client sessions I offer and I’ve recently returned from ย Bali where I did my Advanced Yoga Teacher Training qualification combined with healing and transformation. I’m going to share more about this soon.

I can’t finish without mentioning my wonderful husband Ayman, who has always been so supportive and my two handsome boys Hugo and Remy, they fill me with so much love and happiness.

I’m so excited for what the future holds and I cannot wait to hopefully meet and connect with you too one day!

Feel free to drop me an email if you want to get in contact fazelisally@gmail.com.

Sending you so much love & light,

Sally x