First of all I must start by saying Happy 2016 everyone! Yep it’s been THAT long since I last blogged. I could have left it longer just because life is so busy but I actually miss this little sharing platform where I can be honest and express how I’m feeling week to week. So regardless of whether I end up staying up till daft o’clock tonight, I will post my first blog update of the New Year.

Hugo has come on leaps and bounds recently, his speech and language is developing rapidly everyday and he’s so curious and inquisitive about everything. He’s learnt the dreaded ‘no’ word combined with the shaking of the head and how to mimic every word you say. I’m finding it hilarious at the moment but I know that will probably soon come to an end as frustration kicks in, ha.

He says ‘no’ to honestly EVERYTHING even the things he absolutely loves and then he suddenly, mid shake of the head, pauses while he takes in what he’s actually rejecting and then says ‘more’ which is his way of saying ‘yes’.

I could sit and watch him all day, how he entertains himself, how he thrives off attention, especially my attention, he’s a definite people person and he loves to interact. He can really express himself now and lets you know very loudly what he wants, sometimes good and sometimes bad but through it all with a deep breath or big smile we embrace each wonderfully different day.

Dunham Massey

All these pictures are from our day trip to Dunham Massey set in the rustic British countryside with enchanted woodland areas, lakes, deer and teepees made from logs. I wish we had made a real day of it to be honest, the days are so short in winter and we ran out of daylight… it has so many lovely walks and with the grounds being so vast I felt we only skimmed the surface of what we could have seen. A beautiful day though nonetheless.

My first ever VLOG

Before I shoot, I’ve decided to give vlogging (video blogging) a go and so I’ve uploaded my first day trip vlog from our afternoon at Dunham Massey. I’m kinda nervous and scared slash excited and happy so I hope you enjoy it and if you’ve got some feedback  then please fire away :). I have loved every minute of editing and watching it back numerous of times so even if it’s just for me, I’m so glad I’ve done it!

Oh and one more thing, the music I used on the video is by Mike Dignam who happens to be my super talented little brother. You can check out more of his music here on Spotify or here on YouTube, he was even put in the top 10 albums for 2015 by iTunes, so proud of him!

Links from my vlog and what we use and wear

Hugo’s car seat is from Pramworld and I have the Nuna Rebl – Cavia (view in more detail here) which can be rear or front facing, you can also use it from birth and beyond and it’s tested for sideways impact too which is the latest technology apparently.
My changing bag is from PacoPod and I have the Madison Tan (view here) I absolutely love it, so many amazing compartments and great if you’re dashing out quickly as you can just take one of the little pod bags instead of the whole bag. They also offer all these gorgeous designs too.
Hugo’s pram is the Swift Mountain Buggy (view here ) which is fab for city life as well as in the country as you can see in the video.
My outfit is from Zara; long turtle neck jumper was in the sale at £7.99 (just bought at the weekend), cardigan coat with hood new season from Zara (view here) £35.99, jeans H&M and boots were last year, sorry.
Hugo’s coat was from Gap, jeans Zara and trainers Next.
I hope you all have a fabulous week!
Much love,

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