2014 has been such an epic year for me mainly because of my gorgeous baby boy but these are a few other little highlights that I’ve come across unexpectedly where I’ve been chosen to publicise different things.
First was this big surprise and can I actually say I’ve been a cover girl now? haha. As you can see it was for Cheshire & Lancashire bridal magazine which has been on sale for the whole year. If you look back to one of my first posts here you can see more photos from the shoot I did with Lisa Aldersley… however I had no idea that I’d end up on a front cover of a magazine!
 I happened to stumble across this when I went shopping at the Trafford Centre and I saw this leaflet here, there and everywhere. I had no idea that when my photo was being taken at London Fashion Week that it’d end up anywhere like this. It’s strange really as I felt a little out of my depth at London Fashion Week as everyone there was just so uber cool but this was nice to see as someone obviously liked my colourful outfit.
This was an email that SilkFred sent out to all their database after they had sent me a jacket to post on my Instagram.


Tony & Guy used this photo of me to help advertise their volume cleanse dry shampoo.
 I just love this photo, reminds of me ‘Sex and the City’… this was so exciting to see on the New York Times Fashion Twitter and Instagram feed and again was taken at London Fashion Week.
I’m excited about my next post as it’ll be again featuring my handsome little man looking oh so cute. So you’ll be hearing from me very soon.

I hope you’re having a truly wonderful Christmas. I’m loving our first Christmas with Hugo!

Lots of love