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To Embody Unapologetic Self Love?

I hope you answered ‘YES!’ but either way, you have found yourself in exactly the right place at the most perfect time, welcome, welcome, welcome. I’m so glad you’re here, I believe it’s not by chance but rather destiny that the Universe has made our paths cross. I’m here to help you step into the fullness of who you are so you can shine so brightly being and living your authentic truth. Are you curious to find out more?

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Wholesome well-being retreats bringing all my offerings together for a truly transformational time together. It’s time to nourish yourself, you are so deserving of it ALL!

sister circles

Sister Circles create connection, radical transformation and empowerment by allowing women to grow in compassion and self-love surrounded by like-minded goddesses.

Ecstatic dance

An inner movement journey where you let your body do all the talking, freely expressing and embracing your unique way of dancing. Grow in confidence, have fun, let go and feel all the high vibes.

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She Rises in Self Love

An 8-week online transformational coaching programme designed to heal, ignite, and transform your Self Love.

Throughout the course, under the soulful guidance of Sally Fazeli – a multi-certified movement, wellbeing, and transformation coach – you will transform in beautiful and radical ways, shedding light on self-limiting beliefs and unconscious blocks holding you back from living your truth and sharing your brilliance. 

If you’re ready to smash through the blocks holding you back. To release yourself from self-sabotage, anxiety, limiting beliefs, toxic behaviours, negative self-talk, patterns, situations, unhealthy comparison, and anything else that stops you from fulfilling your potential and achieving your dreams. Then this course has been designed specifically for you, dear sister!


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The answer is never out there... it's within you.

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Full immersion

I’m a motivational speaker, Self Love Coach and Accredited EFT Tapping Expert based in North West, UK. I intuitively draw from tools such as EFT tapping, somatic movement therapy, belief coding, mindfulness techniques, dance and yoga to bring a deeper connection and love to your whole Self (body, mind and spirit). My heart and my purpose is to hold space for women wanting to experience lasting transformation for themselves, and to tap into the very essence of their being so that they can live a life of meaning and purpose that is beyond their wildest dreams. 

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“Sally’s work is life-changing. Sally set me off in the direction of my personal journey towards self love. Instead of finding excuses to put it off, Sally gave me the push I needed to just go for it. As a result, I have developed courage like never before. My one-to-one sessions with Sally have been truly uplifting, transformational and eye-opening; in such a short space of time my relationship with myself, with food, and with the people around me has changed. By giving me the platform to confront my truth, I have a newfound energy and purpose, and it is a journey which I feel fully empowered to continue.  Sally is a refreshingly honest, compassionate, and inspiring human being, she holds a space with such gentleness and ease. I look forward to future sessions and am excited to see Sally’s flourishing spiritual path as the future unfolds.”

Aneesa Patel

EFT Tapping Sessions

Tap into the truth of who you are using EFT Tapping

Through the combination of tapping on specific meridian points (some of the same points used in acupuncture) and focusing on the negative emotional problem at hand, you can clear the blockage and restore balance and calm in your body and mind again. Tapping can be used on such a vast spectrum of different emotional and physical challenges from stress, fear, worry, and anxiety to more severe problems like trauma (including childhood trauma) and phobias. You can use it to overcome anxiety, weight problems, chronic pain, sleep problems, stomach issues, chronic pain, lack of motivation, depression and negative emotional patterns and belief systems that don’t serve your highest good. The list is honestly endless.

Meet your coach

Hey, I'm Sally Fazeli

Founder of She Rises in Self Love, Master Certified Somatic Movement & Wellbeing Educator, Accredited EFT Tapping Therapist, Self-Love Coach, Motivational Speaker, and Empowerment Leader for any multi-dimensional woman looking to create lasting transformation and radical Self Love and purpose in their life.

It feels incredible to introduce myself in this way but let me tell you it didn’t start off like this. Over ten years ago I was struggling with a destructive eating disorder, incredibly low self-worth, and a huge lack of confidence. For many years, I never stopped to truly FEEL my emotions and where I was feeling it in my body. Instead, I resorted to burying it deep within my body, sweeping it under the carpet and accepting it as being a part of me.

'We delight in the beauty of the butterfly, but rarely admit the changes it has gone through to achieve that beauty.'

Maya Angelou

prenatal membership

Empower Your

Prepare your mind, body, and spirit for motherhood. This prenatal yoga membership is all about empowering your pregnancy and helping you to create a deeper connection to your body, mind, soul and growing baby.

Sally Fazeli Empowered Pregnancy